Exactly What You Have To Know Before Choosing A Quadcopter

If you have been considering buying an RC Quadcopter a great place to find one is on one of many online sites that are offering comprehensive reviews of Quadcopters.

In case you have never flown a quadcopter before, be sure to check out quadcopter resources for beginners.

When you check these quadcopter review sites, they will give you excellent, expert help in choosing which model will be best for you. Quadcopter and RC enthusiasts – diehard fanatics who can’t think of anything else except quadcopters post detailed reviews on just about every aspect of the hobby. You can expect to read about anything you ever wanted to know about just any model and brand – from folks who have actually purchased them and have flown them for hours and hours.

Whether you are looking for a big quadcopter or a nano, there will be a design that is perfect for you. But you would want to keep your skill level in mind before you actually buy a model.

These days, some of the models have a host of exhilarating features – very high resolution, gimbal mounted cameras, highly sophisticated and accurate GPS systems that ensure the craft returns to the exact point from where it was launched and so on. But all of these require a significant amount of skill. And they are fairly expensive as well.

Since quadcopters are inherently unstable and crashes are unavaoidable when you are just starting out, you would want to buy a very inexpensive model if you are a beginner. You would want to learn the ropes first and then graduate to the more sophisticated models next.

There are several things you should consider before purchasing your Quadcopter.

Availability of spare parts : When buying a quadcopter, you need to consider how easy it really is to buy spare parts for the exact model. Most likely you will have a crash at some point, especially if you are new. So it is very important for you to know if the version of Quadcopter that you have purchased has spare components that are readily available for purchase. In some cases, you will need a soldering kit to make repairs so it is always a good idea to buy one when you order your Quadcopter. It is also suggested that you buy extra batteries because the smaller Drone can only fly for about 8 minutes per charged battery.

As a thumb rule, the more popular the model is, easier it will be for you to buy spare parts and carry out repairs. So you would want to stick to the more popular brand names, at least when you still learning to fly. Once you are an expert, you don’t really have to care about brands – you might even possibly build your own quads.
Read the manual first : Look for the ‘Flying Quadcopters, Drones and UAVs Tip Sheet’ when you take the shipment on your first Quadcopter. These suggestions will help you learn to fly your aircraft more confidently and securely. There will also be directions to help you put your model together. We strongly suggest that you make sure to read the manual several times so you will be completely familiar with how your model functions and especially with the remote control transmitter.

Read, read, read and then read some more: It’s always a good thing to know everything you can possibly get to know when you are starting out. Flying quadcopters can be a great deal of fun. And knowing more adds to the excitement you can get from the hobby. There are a lot of resources online.

In addition to the many Quadcopter review sites, there are also many great videos available on YouTube. You will find many Facebook Pages that are specifically geared to Quadcopters and are a great way to get more information.

You would also not want to overlook forums. Forums are a great place to meet other enthusiasts – even top notch experts – who may be willing to help you take your skills to the next level. And the more skilled and knowledgeable you become, the more you will be able to enjoy the hobby.

When you are just starting to learn to fly, always do so slowly and make sure you fly low. In addition, never fly where people are close by. Even if you have a small craft, the propellers will spin at a very high rate of speed and can cause severe injury. If you are flying your Quadcopter outside, be sure the sun is behind you and only fly at your eye level. Some of the Nano and Micro Quadcopters will do acrobatics but stay away from these tricks until you are sure you know how to control it and have gotten good at the basic skills of flying.

We also suggest you buy several spare parts at the time you buy your craft because you will not want to have long flying downtimes.
Be aware of the legal requirements : It is illegal to fly quadcopters and other model aircraft very close to airports, inside national parks and maybe even other areas. Flying a quadcopter where you are legally not supposed to fly one can get you into a great deal of trouble. So make sure you know the relevant local laws before flying a quadcopter – or model aircraft of any kind.

Quadcopters 101 – What You Need To Know